4 in 1 Easy comfy Jar bottle opener

Comfy Jar Bottle Opener

What could be more baffling than gazing at your top pick, impeccably chilled refreshment yet not having the option to open it? We've all turned to hitting bottle tops against a kitchen work surface or slamming the top with the finish of a spoon, or in extraordinary conditions, even utilized our teeth. None of these alternatives end well, so it is smarter to put resources into a conventional jar bottle opener and spare yourself a ton of difficulty.
It doesn’t matter whether you have weak hands or slippery hands. It absolutely doesn’t matter if your hands are wet, recently moistures or oily. All those reasons are not going to make you stop opening a tight lid of a bottle or a container.
Kitchen sizzles introduces you the next extraordinary kitchenware that will allow you to work independently and carry out basic kitchen hold tasks.
The silicon jar bottle opener introduced is as fantastic as everyone can find this device simply works for them. This device is versatile though it is not very large. This jar opener can be used in range of different ways and can easily open any and many type of bottles.
It is a device that can be used simply with a perspective design. This opener is more comfortable than many other jar openers in the market. It’s a small bright colored device having a combination of two colors which looks really attractive. There are openers in the color combination of red and grey, green and yellow, orange and grey, blue and yellow.

Not only the color is attractive, but the size too. Its 9 inch height and 3.7 inch Wight which is having 4 in 1 design suit for 4 different sizes of jars 2.7 inch, 2.1 inch, 1.7 inch, and 1.3 inch respectively. You simply can open up lids of bottles, jar lids and etc. of different sizes by this super easy bottle opener. The jar opener does not need a counter space, you can simply put it into a drawer!
This silicon jar openers have many benefits.

 It is easy to use - TRP rubber jar opener is very durable and it has a big friction to open the bottle lids and jar lids to open it without much effort. If your hands are very weak and you can’t open lids, this is going to make the work easy and this gadget is going to be your strong kitchen mate.

 Absolutely effortless - you just have to place the opener of your required size on the lid in the appropriate method, twist it or pull it, quickly release it and do not stress much and you do not need much effort to open a lid in your day today activity.

 It is versatile and very convenient – It is not only going to help you in your kitchen but also you can take it anywhere you go whether it is a trip picnic or camping. It is easy to store as it slips into the cutlery drawer nicely and it will not take too much space too. Also it is very convenient to clean jar opener because of the silicon lining The jar opener has a practical design in a way even the most pained hand can use it easily without siding off. Also the rubber surface gives out a steady position even if your hands are damp.

The silicon jar bottle opener is very light weighed just of 165g and made of silicon + PP and eco-friendly. You can get your order with an opt bag or customized packaging. Grab yours Just for 14.99 AUD!

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